Interior Design Services

The services provided by Moya McPhail Design include:


This involves work for additions, masters & ensuites, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, even garages. The first phase includes concept drawings of plan views, elevations, details, furniture plans and electrical plans. Meetings with the client and contractor work out the changes and revisions to be made. If working drawings are required a professional service is hired.  The second phase revolves around sourcing and deciding on finishes such as flooring, tiles, cabinetry style, counter surfaces, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Next fabrics are chosen for seating and window treatments, carpeting, rugs and pillows are picked and finally art and paint colours are selected. When the time is right a day is set aside to accessorize and arrange everything in the appropriate place.


Otherwise known as a blitz, selecting colours, rearranging art and furniture, adjusting the placement of family heirlooms, making a list of what else is needed to complete the ‘look,’ this might take a full day or just a part of a day.


Everything is tired, worn out or you just don’t like it! Choices for furnishings, fabrics, bedding, lamps, rugs, window treatments, pillows, wall and ceiling colours, wall paper, hardware—it all adds up to a new look for the existing space. Sourcing, budgeting, ordering, purchasing and installing are all done to achieve the desired finish.

Project Styles

Most renovations, consultations and decoration projects are completed for residential clients. Houses and condos make up the majority of projects. Moya McPhail Design has also worked for clients who own funeral homes where coffee lounges, chapels and receptions are renovated and redecorated. On occasion commercial clients have requested advice to create lively working environments for their staff. 

Interiors & Exteriors

Typically MMD designs spaces for and decorates the interiors of homes. Exteriors are also designed especially for renovations where facades, including garages, need to be planned. Consultations with clients may extend into the garden with suggestions for plantings and garden structures. The flow of space from indoor to outdoor living is an important consideration for phase one planning.