Interior Design Process

When clients meet Moya for the first time they trade questions and answers.

Moya will ask: "What do you want? What style do you like? What will you keep? What colours do you like/dislike? What doesn’t work? What is your dream? What is the long term plan? What is your budget?"

The clients will ask Moya: "What do you do? How do you work? What do you charge? What are the next steps? How do we get started?"

Once the client and Moya agreed that they would like to work together, a Letter of Agreement will be written which outlines the process, the fees, and specifically what the client has requested. This will be the outline of the job. At the time of signing additions or deletions can be made and at any time during the project the client can decide that the right amount of work has been completed.

The process consists of administration functions, services such as measuring, drafting, space planning, researching, sourcing, budgeting, purchasing, ordering, liaising with trades people, project managing, meeting with clients, site visits, choosing colours and accessorizing. These hourly services make up the fees and apply to a renovation, decoration project or consultation.

As the project unfolds the initial list of what the client requested is checked to see that everything is progressing as planned. Meetings, email or phone calls keep the clients and designer abreast of all aspects of the work in progress.